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As many of you know I love buildings probably as a result of growing up in Bendigo where I fell in love with the weatherboard miners' cottages and the wonderful red brick buildings. Lately I have been painting European buildings as I love the weathering on the rendered walls. The inspiration for "Viewpoint" (thanks JM for the title) came from my travels through Portugal which is a painter's paradise. The good news is that there is another similar painting on the way though it wont be in the St Kevin's Exhibition.

St Kevin's Art Show Toorak

Just a reminder that St Kevin's Art Show is coming up starting 20 May through to 23 May.

Saltbush Country

I've just uploaded my latest paintings of saltbush country after a drop of rain- 'Quenched" and "Cool Relief". Hope they appeal as I had great delight in painting them, especially the sheep. They will be appearing in an exhibition pretty soon.


Many people have been asking me to produce canvas prints of my paintings. It's happening! Not all of the images of my paintings are suitable for printing as I want to maintain a high quality. Where a painting is available as a canvas print it will be shown on the respective page. Sizes available and cost is also given.

At the moment delivery is only possible within the Melbourne area as I need to check the print before it is forwarded onto the purchaser.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Anne Newman


Many people have been asking me to produce canvas prints of my paintings. It's happening. Not all of the images are suitable for high quality prints so I am gradually going through all my paintings to indicate which ones are available and in what sizes. The cost will also be shown. At the moment I can only deliver canvas prints in the Melbourne area as I want to check the quality before I send the print on. Canvas prints are produced in a box like frame with a "mirror turn

Using stencils in the Care Facilty Art Class

I have added some notes to the Teaching Art in a Care Facility on how to use stencils to help the artists be more independent and to save the tutor from having to draw the images to be painted. Check it out.

Art in a Care Facility

Have added two more entries to the Teaching Art in a Care Facility. Check out what we are doing to meet the challenge of one of our artists who has Parkinson's.

St Kevin's Art Show

Time for the wonderful St Kevin's Art Show again from 23rd May to 26th May. I've two barrister paintings which I hope will be enjoyed especially as they have become "Greenies". Check them out in the Cityscapes & City Subjects Gallery.


We are about to have our annual art exhibition at Arcare Knox which is opposite the Knox Shopping Centre on Burwood Highway Wantirna South. Come along and be amazed at the quality of the work. Some paintings are for sale. Your support is appreciated.

Learning to paint landscapes

I've been up in the Grampians learning to paint better landscapes with John Wilson. John is one of Australia's best landscape artists and also one of the best teachers I have met. He s quite brilliant and generously imparts his techniques with patience and insight.

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